The Wild Geography of Misplaced Things

David Rosenthal's debut poetry collection from White Violet Press

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The Debut Poetry Collection From David Rosenthal

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misplaced things cover“Rosenthal sets his carefully chosen words in the silver chains of his lines, and the effect is lapidary.”                                       — Timothy Murphy

“David Rosenthal’s The Wild Geography of Misplaced Things takes us beyond the established borders of our ordinary lives into memory and its defiance of time, a place where things that may have been misplaced suddenly reappear and reveal their true nature, until we realize that nothing in Rosenthal’s world that truly matters is misplaced or forgotten.”                                                               — Lynne Knight

“How lucky David Rosenthal’s students are! They have a teacher whose perception of the physical world is as fresh, genuine and immediate as their own, whose language is as bravely, unashamedly direct, and whose desire to play — with words, images, ideas, experiences and things — is apparently as inexhaustible.”                                   — Rhina P. Espaillat

David Rosenthal lives in Berkeley, California, with his wife and two daPainted David Rosenthalughters. He is an elementary school teacher in the Oakland Unified School District. His poems and translations have appeared in print and online in Rattle, Raintown Review, Measure, Unsplendid, Birmingham Poetry Review, Modern Haiku, Umbrella, and several other journals. He has been a Pushcart Prize Nominee and a Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award Finalist.  He is the founder and host of First Wednesday Formal, a monthly poetry reading series in Albany, California.


Written by David Rosenthal

May 12, 2013 at 8:30 am